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Rules to Keep in Mind When Approaching a Hospital to Initiate a Chiropractic Department
  • Make sure all applicants from your community are certified by an AAHC approved hospital protocols course. It is required by many hospitals.
  • Keep the AAHC up to date on your progress and your accomplishments.
  • Ask for help from those who already have hospital privileges.
  • Do not try to push your way into a hospital. Find a physician or administrator who will pull you in.
  • Do not use litigation to obtain hospital privileges.
  • Work as a team with other local chiropractors to gain privileges.
  • Find out the names of the Department Chiefs and refer to them.
  • Find out the names of physicians who might try to prevent a chiropractic department. Refer to them and make sure they know who your are.
  • Keep statistics of your team's referrals to the hospital and its staff physicians.
  • Write your bylaws before you approach the hospital.
  • Be 110% truthful on your application for privileges.
  • Be consistently professional, i.e. suit, tie, type written/grammatically correct letters. Speak and act like a doctor.
  • Your goal is to find out what the hospital administrators and physicians want and then give it to them.
  • If it cannot be accomplished legally, ethically, and morally--it is not worth doing.
  • Provide an excellent product and allow the profit to be the byproduct of your altruistic efforts.
  • Maintain your modesty while never underestimating your value to the hospital.
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