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Continuing Medical Education Lecture
Designed for Your Hospial Medical Staff
Available for a Reasonable Fee through the AAHC

This lecture is designed to educate hospital physicians and adminstrators about chiropractors and their role in the hospital setting. The physicians will benefit by obtaining CME credits arranged through your hospital while they learn how chiropractors can help their practice, their paitents, and the hospital.

A chiropractor, with years of hospital experience, will answer the most common physician questions before they are asked. The goal is to prevent the asking of cynical questions that can prejudice the medical staff regardless of the quality of the response.

This CME lecture covers topics that medical physicians need to know before they can feel comfortable inviting chiropractors into their institutions.

Contact Dr. Cerf via Email at to discuss how to arrange for a CME lecture at your local hospital.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA have welcomed us to attend their upcoming conference for the Minimally Invasive Spinal Physicians and Surgeons, Las Vegas April 12-16th 2007 to learn, join ideas, and network with the pioneers of minimally invasive spinal procedures, go to This is a great opportunity to make relationships and help market your practice with the surgeons and anesthesiologists in your area and bring you to next level of expertise and practice.

Also, their will be a formal Board Certification test for M. U. A. You must be certified in M. U. A. and have at least 2 years of experience. This will be the next ultimate level in education for M.U.A.Upon passing the examination, you will be board certified in M.U.A. and receive a diploma. You can also qualify for Fellowship in the Royal College of Chiropractic Medicine, with cap and gown ceremony, This unique opportunity was founded by Daniel T. West, DC ,FRCCM, of Lancaster County, PA. We give our sincere appreciation to him for helping ensure the highest standards of education for the Chiropractic profession. Any questions please contact the AAHC,

November 4&5, 2006: The AAHC Hospital Protocols Seminar, the comprehensive two day course that leads to a Certificate of Completion is now worth 12 CE credits sponsored through NYCC.

September 2006: Members of the AAHC Executive Committee met with representatives from the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) to discuss how the AAHC can help them with their plan to obtain hospital privileges for New York State chiropractors.

The AAHC has already made inroads for New York chiropractors. Dr. Cerf was recently invited by the Director of Emergency Medicine, of a New York City hospital, to help develope an 'on-call' chiropractor program in their emergency department. Dr. Salamone is having ongoing conversations with top administrators of a large New York hospital chain.

Contact the AAHC to find out how the AAHC you can help you take the initial steps toward hospital privileges.

August 2006: AAHC had a regional meeting in Northern New Jersey that lasted late into the evening and organized a plan to approach hospitals and hospital trade associations. Drs. Salamone and Cerf met with medical physicians and attorneys from the AAHC Advisory Board who offered guidance on how to best present the needs and benefits of chiropractic services delivered in the hospital setting. The advisors stressed the need for a unified and uniform approach to the pursuit of hospital privileges that will be respected by the medical community.

January 27, 2005: Dr. John Cerf and Dr. Brad Hays spoke about hospital chiropractic at the Annual ChiroCode Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Interested doctors can contact ChiroCode for a DVD recording of the conference.

The October 2004 certification seminar was a terrific success. It was attended by some of the top chiropractors in our field. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Burl Pettibon originator of the Pettibon Method and Dr. C. Kevin Donovan, President of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. It was also a pleasure to meet a Dr. Jeffrey James who flew in from California to attend the seminar.

Dr. Joseph Salamone attended the AAHC booth at the Palmer Homecoming from August 12-14, 2004. Dr. Salamone tells us there was tremendous enthusiasm regarding hospital chiropractic practice. President Donald Kern of Palmer Chiropractic College expressed interest in working with the AAHC to help Palmer students obtain hospital practice experience. Of course, the process for any possible curriculum changes whether core, elective or continuing education involves faculty, committee and administrative review, as well as approval from the Board of Trustees. By providing chiropractic care in a hospital setting the students will learn the valuable contribution of chiropractic in a multidisciplinary care setting.

William Morgan, DC. is the Director of Chiropractic Services at The National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. You can read his May 2005 article in the ACAnews.

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