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Opioid Prevention, Decrease of Narcotics and Pain Control with Chiropractic Care. Lectures Available to your Emergency Department. Contact us to Educate your Nursing Staff, Medical Team and allow Chiropractic Care to increase patient satisfaction, increase Press Ganey Scores, Continue Referrals and maintain a continuity of patient care. We have over 15 years of Emergency Department Training, taking on-call 24/7. Let us help decrease this Opioid Epidemic in the USA!

Drug Awareness Council , DAC Advisory Board, Morris County, Montville NJ...  Welcome Dr Salamone

**Congratulations to Dr Joseph D. Salamone on being selected in 2019 NJ Family Magazine "New Jersey's Favorite Kids' Docs"

Please Note!!!
DISCLAIMER******Dr Joseph D. SalAmone is not associated or have a practice in Nutley East Orange or Paterson NJ or associated in any way with another chiropractor named Joseph SalOmone***

King of Tibet Visits NJ and the American Academy Of Hospital Chiropractors, and receives chiropractic care and education from Dr Salamone and Team.
*New!! US and International classes coming soon for 2019. State Specific Seminars are available for your group or organization. E-mail us your specific department needs and to be put on our waiting list. More Info to follow!

Congratulations Dr Salamone Homeland Security Investigations HSI Citizens Academy Trained Member, 2019 Newark NJ

*Listen to Dr. Joseph D.Salamone's radio interview about PAST! (***press play in the player above)
*Hospital Privileges... How chiropractic makes a difference
On September 12, 2009, Gina Puglisi, M.D. and John L. Cerf, D.C. provided a hospital chiropractic presentation at the Toledo University Medical Center (TUMC). Drs. Puglisi and Cerf spoke of the success of the Meadowlands Hospital program and how this model could be replicated and developed in other hospitals such as TUMC in Ohio.
*PAST Retired Football Players Pain Management and Medical Resource Group
**New study suggests realigning the spine could lower blood pressure. (Hypertension: Pain in the Neck - from ABC News 3/25/08)
**Canadian Chiropractors meet in USA to discuss Hospital Privileges and M.U.A.
It was a very productive meeting for all the medical and chiropractic professionals that exchanged ideas to help treat patients in chronic pain.
Dr David Dos Santos and Dr John Pikula, both chiropractors from Toronto and Ontario traveled over 3 hours by car to meet with Dr Joseph D. Salamone, NJ, a pioneer in the field of hospital chiropractic and Manipulation Under Anesthesia, or M.U.A..
"Just a short note to thank you for your invitation to observe MUA's and hospitality you demonstrated to Dr. Pikula and I. The day was very educational and well worth the drive from Toronto. I would like to try to have your group come up to Toronto at some point, and educate some of our hospital people about the Department of Chiropractic in your hospital. I would also like to consider having you come up and speak to those chiropractors in the Toronto area who are already working in hospitals, and your experiences."
It is now time to start focusing on patient care and teaming up with a group of medical professionals to address chronic pain.This critical issue, which needs to be addressed by both physicians and chiropractors, for patients of the local community as well as the retired professional athlete, was discussed and studied thru out the weekend. The group of anesthesiologists, pain management physicians, orthopedists and chiropractors worked together on patients and exchanged ideas to help study and control chronic pain.
M.U.A. is a valuable alternative to help treat chronic pain. Thru twilight sedation, the patient is stretched within the normal ranges of motion to loosen and decrease adhesions in the supporting musculature and tendons of the spine.This procedure when selected on the proper patients, can relieve pain, spasm and provide relief of chronic pain. Herniated or bulging discs, fibromyalgia, sciatic neuralgia,and degenerative conditions of the spine were just some of the conditions evaluated and discussed.
P.A.S.T., Pain Alternatives Solutions and Treatments, physicians and chiropractors were also present to exchange ideas and help address pain, in the retired athlete. Chronic pain is another big issue in the retired professional athlete, especially the NFL, that needs to be addressed. The Major League Baseball Retired Players Alumni Association has already accepted P.A.S.T. as the official pain sponsor of their organization. Dr Salamone, one of the original founders of P.A.S.T.was excited to help the Canadian chiropractors bring back knowledge to help treat players of the Canadian Football League as well as the regular weekend warriors.
By integrating the chiropractic and medical professions with organizations such as P.A.S.T. and the American Academy of Hospital Chiropractors, AAHC, the patients suffering from chronic pain can finally get the attention they need and hopefully live a more pain free lifestyle.
Dr Salamone has been in private practice for over 31 years, lectures nationally and can be reached via email at spynedr1@aol.com.
*Dr Joseph D. Salamone, Pres. American Academy of Hospital Chiropractors, was invited by members of the Puerto Rican Chiropractic Association to help coordinate the efforts between the Medical and Chiropractic Professions.We are truly grateful to help the Puerto Rican Community learn more about the advances in the local hospitals and Emergency Departments in the US . We can share ideas and help the chiropractic profession with a better working relationship between medical and chiropractic doctors . It is a win / win for all involved with the ultimate goal of patient satisfaction.
*Dr Salamone will be giving a 2019 Community presentation on Lyme Disease, also showing the Tribeca Film Festival award Documentary Under Our Skin Documentary on Lyme Disease.Please RSVP 973-227-3456 Call or email us to schedule your screening Seating is limited.
*West Coast Presentation Went Well!!!
Any information needed for west coast classes or certification, please contact the academy email
*The AAHC wants to welcome Bruno Varano, Special Agent in Charge, US DHHS,Office of Inspector General (Ret.) for his expertise in combating Insurance fraud, helping the Academy meet its goals in higher professional education, and being on the forefront for the medical and chiropractic professions working together to benefit patient health, safety,and satisfaction.

Welcome!!  2019!

Nancy Hamstra, FACHE,  Vice President

Hospital and Client Relations

Maryellen Ford- Elliott, Vice President

Marketing and Media Relations

*Northern NJ.... Anyone/disciplines interested in partnering in a Large Medical/Wellness/Health /Rehab/Spa Center/Cosmetic/Chiro/ PT/Addiction Recovery/Laser/Botox Center... all under one roof... Must have some experience in this type of multidisciplinary setting. Qualified and Serious only...Management experience needed... Looking for Professional and Administrative... Send/Fax resume to 973 -808-9656.
*Anyone with Hospital affiliations... owners, partners, friends, family members etc, .... Please contact the AAHC for local M.D., D.O, and D.C.relationships ..." We also need all D.C.'s with any affiliations of Hospital/surgery centers to please email the society to help with local hospital inclusion for your state. Please email us the city and state you are located in and what capacity you are involved. We can now help you develop a referral network in your area.Thank you!!! Also, any Surgical Center administrators/owners please contact the AAHC for network development and expansion of your department of qualified MUA Chiropractors.
*Local Chiropractor Receives High Honors!
*New Evidence Supports the Safety of Chiropractic Care - Articles
*Connecticut D.C.'s interested in hospital privileges? Please contact us spynedr1@aol.com immediatly for possible inclusion in a local hospital. We need a few select Connecticut chiropractors interested in working together with the local Emergency Department and Hospital, adjusting and getting referrals from the medical staff.
We will be coming to your area,2016 for a course.

*Upcoming 2016 seminars for AAHC Certification will be as needed and classes are state specific. Anyone interested in having the Emergency Room Hospital Protocols Course in the New England / Boston area or looking for hospital inclusion in those states... 2015 Meeting with Shriners Childrens Hospitals Philadelphia went well.Local Philadelphia and NJ DCs are welcome to submit your CV to the AAHC so we can help co educate and refer our pediatric patients. Shriners Childrens Hospital provides free orthopedic care and surgery, burn and specialty care regardless of the ability to pay and private transportation to the facility. Please email the society. Also, if you know a Hospital Admin. or CEO in that area please let us know.
*Upcoming seminar AAHC and Royal College Spinal Surgeons
*Dr. Joseph D. Salamone returns from Morocco.
Introduces Chiropractic and Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics
to the medical profession, Royal Family and over 400 people from the local area.
More to follow.
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The American Academy of Hospital Chiropractors is a non-profit, national organization established to promote chiropractic in hospitals and to advocate for those chiropractors who practice in the hospital environment.

Certified Chiropractors Needed
The need for qualified professionals continues to rise as hospitals across the country are realizing the benefits of providing chiropractic services. Hospital administrators and those in charge of policy are quick to acknowledge that:
  • The chiropractic physician provides extra attention, rationale and the appropriate treatment that significantly improves patient outcomes.
  • Chiropractors offer an extra tool that the medical staff can use to provide the best possible care for their patients.
  • There is less re-medication of patients receiving chiropractic care in the hospital setting.
  • There are fewer repeat visits to the emergency room when a chiropractor has treated the patient
  • Medical and nursing staffs appreciate the help provided by chiropractic doctors.
...and the numbers are increasing
According to the Job Analysis of Chiropractic, a project report, survey analysis, and summary of the practice of chiropractic within the United States, published by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in January 2005, 6% of chiropractors in the United States have some type of hospital privileges. This is an increase from 4.9% in 1991 and 5.2% in 1998.

AAHC certification is quickly becoming the benchmark credential for hospital chiropractors. Many hospitals now require AAHC certification for their staff chiropractors. CE credit are sponsored through AAHC.

Do you know a key person in your local hospital? Contact the AAHC and let us help you!

The AAHC maintains a national database of chiropractors who have either obtained hospital privileges or who are pursuing hospital privileges. By helping us build our database, you help coordinate efforts so we can work together to open more hospitals to chiropractic. Contact AAHC to enter your data.

Contact the AAHC if you would like to be on the waiting list for the next certification seminar.

Please support hospital chiropractic through certification, membership, or corporate sponsorship.

The AAHC maintains individual state information. If you have something to add about your state, please contact us.

The AAHC also maintains information on insurance issues and complaints. If you have something to add, please contact us.

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